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Custom spray paint stencil portraits are a great gift for a hard-to-please friend or relative, and make a great addition to any home collection.

The process is fairly straightforward:
• When you purchase your piece, you'll be contacted and asked to supply a link to a high-res photo of the friend, family member or celebrity you'd like to have transformed into a piece of art.
• You'll also be asked to provide a few colors. Black and white are default, so just think of two more! If you aren't sure, I'll make color suggestions for you!
• When I have your information, I'll take a few days to render your request.
• Once I've gone through the process of creating stencil-ready art, I'll provide you with a digital preview of your order. I'll make sure that you like the colors and overall look and feel. I'll do one more round of revisions to make sure you're completely satisfied.
• Once the art is approved, I'll cut stencils and hit the canvas with some spray paint. I'll clear coat your piece to ensure longevity, let it dry, and send you a picture of what you'll be receiving in the mail!
• If everything's good to go, I'll drop it off to the post office and you'll get your one-of-a-kind portrait shortly!

And here's the kicker: If you submit a celebrity request and I decide to reproduce it as a listing on the shop for future buyers, I'll send you a special discount code for 50% off your next order as a way of saying thank you.

I try my best as a seller to keep an open line of communication with buyers. If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests, please message me before you order! I also recommend that in addition to sending the photo and colors, that you send links of other pieces from my shop that you like, and a brief explanation why, so that I can emulate the technique for your request. Any other feedback you wish to include would be most helpful!

Here's the fine print stuff:
If you're not happy with the results of your custom order after the first digital preview and the following round of revisions, I can either:
• offer another round of revisions for an additional fee of $10, or...
• give you a 50% refund.

Due to the nature of spray paint and the techinque, the product may have imperfections (i.e dripping, misting, alignment, etc). My promise to you as the artist is to use my best judgment and deliver a high quality, one-of-a-kind piece that I can stand behind.