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DBDJ Guitar Pick 6-Pack

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Why are you still plucking away with those mediocre picks? Where did you even get those picks? I bet you just found them in the washing machine after emptying a load, or in your wallet’s seldom-used hidden compartment, or the couch cushions. How did they get there? You never even play on that side of the couch. Who else has been playing guitar on your couch?!

With these picks, that’s not even going to cross your mind. You won’t ever forget where you got them, and they’re so pretty and comfortable in your hand, you wouldn’t even dream of losing them.

Made of a smooth 351 celluloid for a warm vintage sound. Bundles of 6 include: 2 tortoise shell medium picks, 2 psychedelic heavy picks, and 2 solid black extra heavy picks. Sorry, no lights.