Zhrier Font Family

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Zhrier is a brand new handwritten typeface by Paul Motisi.

It's fresh, with just a little hint of 1995 home PC nostalgia. It's based off of my personal handwriting, albeit with much more finesse. To do this, I wrote on my personal whiteboard calendar, captured characters, and established guidelines on how to unify each glyph. Though I personally tend to write in all caps, there's a full lowercase set to serve your text.

There are over 180 glyphs for each style, of which there are four; both the clean and the distressed styles have regular and italic forms. There's a few discretionary ligatures as well, so you can add some panache to your paragraphs as needed.

If you're looking to create a whiteboard explainer style video, or annotate a document with a font that jumps out at the audience, Zhrier is the right font for you!

Font Styles:
Zhrier Clean
Zhrier Clean Italic
Zhrier Distressed
Zhrier Distressed Italic

If you purchase this font and have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at and I'll do my best to help!